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Change of name for BANOR SICAV funds.

by the Advisor editorial team

The company has introduced institutional classes for its Greater China and North America Long Short funds. BANOR SICAV, a harmonised open-ended (UCITS IV) investment company based in Luxembourg, is changing its funds’ names and prospectuses.

The Athena Long Short fund invests primarily in Italian stocks using a fundamentals-based approach and aims to beat the FTSE Italia-All Share index in terms of low volatility. Now known as the Italy Long Short, the fund is managed by Banor Capital, drawing on the external advisory services of Luca Riboldi, BANOR SIM’s Chief Investment Officer.

Asia Long Short – an alternative fund that invests in equities issued in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and follows a value-based approach, aiming for lower volatility than the MSCI Golden Dragon index – has been renamed the Greater China Long Short. The renamed fund can invest in Chinese A-shares. In addition to the name change, BANOR SICAV has also introduced the institutional class for this fund.

Global Bond Absolute Return now becomes the Euro Bond Absolute Return. The fund actively invests in credit instruments without limitation of duration and rating with the goal of generating income through the credit cycle. Global Value, the European value-based fund, is now called European Value.

At the same time as the new prospectuses come into force, continues the note issued by BANOR SICAV, daily NAV calculations will be introduced for each fund and the institutional classes for the Greater China Long Short and North America Long Short. The latter is an alternative equity fund that invests in the USA and Canada, taking a value-based approach and aiming to beat the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index.

BANOR SICAV funds are managed by Banor Capital, an independent company incorporated under English law and founded in 2010 by a group of finance professionals. Banor Capital is a subsidiary of BANOR SIM.

Original article in Italian language, available here: Advisor Online, September 4, 2014.


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