INVESTING. Wednesday, in the Sala Maffeiana.

BANOR SIM in Verona to illustrate value investing.
Verona is the Veneto region’s richest, and Italy’s 8th richest, province

What exactly is value investing? What form can it take in the Veronese context, considering that Verona is the Veneto’s leading centre for private financial wealth net of real estate? These are the questions that a meeting organised by BANOR SIM S.p.A., and taking place at 18.00 on Wednesday [26 November 2014] at the Sala Maffeiana of the Accademia Filarmonica (Museo Lapidario entrance, 28 Piazza Bra), will be seeking to answer.

The meeting, dedicated to Veronese entrepreneurs and professionals, will be an opportunity to discover – with BANOR SIM’s Massimiliano Cagliero, CEO, and Luca Riboldi, Chief Investment Officer – how to create value over time by investing in the financial markets. The two experts will be speaking about “value investing”, which consists of selecting and investing in securities of companies whose value is as yet unexpressed and under-priced, having first analysed the value of the assets, margins and expected growth of the companies under consideration.

BANOR Sim selected Verona for its event after studying the map of private financial wealth in Italy, according to a study conducted by the Italian Private Banking Association in collaboration with Prometeia, using data from 2012.

The Veneto region is the nation’s 3rd richest, with 94 billion euro, or 10.4% of the national total, behind Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. And Verona comes first in Veneto, and 8th in Italy, with 22 billion, or 2.5% of Italian wealth as broken down by province.

According to BANOR SIM, therefore, some of the approximately 8000 families (out of 606,000 considered by the study) that possess estimated assets of over 10 million euro, and nearly 21,000 with between 5 and 10 million, live on the banks of the River Adige.

Fertile terrain to propose new investment formulae to an audience of private investors who in recent years have proved to be somewhat sceptical. As the asset management firm explained, “BANOR, with a portfolio of 1000 clients and a staff of 70, has obtained investment process certification – issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2013 – that meets the Global International Performance Standards (GIPS)”.


Original article in Italian language, available here: L’Arena, November 23, 2014.

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