Banor Sim S.p.A., with about 4 billion euro (at 31 August 2014) under direct management and over 1000 clients, is the biggest of Italy’s independent securities brokerages and specialises in asset management and high wealth investors. The company has offices in Milan, Turin and in London, following its acquisition of a holding in Banor Capital Ltd. (formerly Proxima Investment Management Ltd.). BANOR, which has a staff of over 70, supports institutional and private investors and some of Italy’s great families to maintain and grow their wealth and hand it down to the new generations.

15 years ago, the company was bought by a group of private investors/managers – led by Massimiliano Cagliero, the current CEO – who set it on course to become an independent centre of excellence in asset management and advice. Since then it has seen exponential growth, thanks to the experience of its management team, led by Luca Riboldi, and a business model based on continuity of results and performance and on the high quality of the service. BANOR is one of the few asset management firms to have obtained investment process certification that meets the Global International Performance Standards (GIPS) certification issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Top 50 Best Performing
Private banking

Company name: BANOR SIM
Address: Via S. Radegonda, 11
Telephone: 02 8962891
CEO: Massimiliano Cagliero
Number of private bankers: 20


Original article in Italian language, available here: Patrimoni, November 22, 2014.

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